A Dutch innovation in golf

A quiet 18 holes round of golf of at least 5 hours does not fit everybody in the present fast times. In the USA arise as alternatives to the regular golf cup the 8-inch and 15-inch large cups. For these is the Quiccup® a completely new and innovative solution.

The greens do not have to be adjusted with enormous holes for an 8-inch or 15-inch cups. Simply put the Quiccup with its rings with the tumbling flaps around the flagstick and the existing cup and the course is ready. The course is therefore easily adaptable for the faster Quiccupholes and /or the conventional 4.25-inch holes.

With Quiccupgolf you can play faster rounds (saving app. 45 minutes for 18 holes). It is very suitable for non-qualifying matches, encourages youth and makes the game easily accessible for starters, recreational golfers, corporate events, the next generationand the senior golfer. Click here for stroke difference.


In wintertime the Quiccup® is the ideal solution or replacement for the large dimension wintercups.The Quiccup is succesfully used on different courses in the Netherlands and Germany. The number of strokes is lower and the scores are higher (see pdf for stroke difference).

foto homepage bij h&g

Home and Garden

The latest version is the Quiccup, Home and Garden (H&G), which offers the possibility to putt inside and outside without digging a hole. The twoinside hole’discs catch the ball and are similar to a classic 4.25 inch hole. The fun exists in the extra fields, which allow for different scores. You can use your imagination and play a all kinds of gamesystems here.

This H & G version is highly suitable to get aging people moving with a funny and exciting game , as well as a possibilty for people with reduced mobility (including wheelchairs) to play a relaxing game. Also the H&G can be used as a pastime in clubhouses, waiting areas, for promotional campaigns (brand awareness with logo on inlay) in recreational areas. In short unlimited possibilities exist. And last but not least a good tool for hand / eye coordination exercises .

Quiccup demonstration video (youtube)

8 Inch demonstration video


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