Quiccup® highlights

For quicker and more enjoyable golf


  • 8 (20 cm) and 15 inch (38,1 cm) rings with tumbling flaps.
  • Shortens playing time for an 18 holes round with at least three quarters
  • Allows for lower scores of 10 strokes or more and gives higher satisfaction
  • Quiccupgolf wins and keeps clubmembers through stress-free golf.
  • Makes 8 and 15 inch (38.1 cm) big holes possible without big holes in the green.
  • The ideal solution or replacement for the large dimension wintercups.

Quiccup®, an original Dutch innovation

  • Light weight, portable and durable material.
  • No installation necessary. Just place or remove it in seconds by placing it around the existing hole.
  • Saves the greens and saves maintenance time for the green keepers.
  • Ideal for promotional purposes.
  • Increases the course capacity by shortening roundtimes

Encourages youth and makes the game easier accessible for starters, recreational golfers, the next generation- and the senior golfer.

It allows new types of the game such as:
Quiccup/smallcup en Quiccup Carambole

Increases possibilties for course management

Let the Quiccup® play prior to the play with the regular cup
Use the Quiccup® for evenings, events, corporate golf and similar venues.
Arrange a Quiccup® competition


Quiccup®, Registered Trademark, – EU model, patent pending.