Quiccup® Home & Garden

Recently, the Home & Garden version has been added to the Quiccup program.

This is a completely new game for young, old and actually everyone who wants play inside or outside an exhilarating game. It also improves and promotes social interaction.

It is especially suitable for the aging and the elderly and as a game for people with reduced mobility (including wheelchairs). It fits as a pastime in waiting areas, in recreational areas, for promotional campaigns and to increase brand awareness. In short there are unlimited possibilities. It is also good for hand /eye coordination exercises.

Of course, the Quiccup is appealing for team building and sheer fun.

The simple rules of the game make it relaxing and enjoyable for everyone! But do not underestimate it, it looks easier than it is, but scoring points is within everyone’s reach !


QUICCUP Pleasure and fun with putting !


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Start at a distance of 3 meters from the outer edge of the Quiccup. That’s about 3 times the length of a putter. You can align the ball over the width of 1 meter (about one putter length) to be able to aim for the ínnerhole’ called ʹcup’ (in which the ball is caught between two disks) from several angles.

When a ball is inside the ring with the tumbing flaps, it cannot be played anymore.

A ball which is caught in the cup may be picked up immediately in order not to interfere with following balls.


You play with teams of 1, 2 or 3 players. The maximum number of teams is 3. For instance: The X-team, the Y-team and the Z-team.

Each player/team plays 3 balls in a row. The score is taken and the 3 balls are picked up. Then the next player (from another team).

For instance: In game 1 player 1 (=X-1) from the X-team starts with playing his 3 balls, followed by respectively player Y1 from the Y-team and player Z1 from the Z-team. In game 2 players X2,Y2 and Z2 play and so on.

If the ball is in one field (10 or 20), the score of that field is valid.

Field 10: 10 points

Field 20: 20 points

1 ball in the cup: 30 points

2 balls in the cup: 70 points (in the sequence of 3 balls)

3 balls in the cup: 120 points (in the sequence of 3 balls)

If the ball stays hanging on a tumbling flap, then field 10

applies. Place the ball in the field 10 in order to free the flap and not impede subsequent balls.

A. Simple counting
Most points win. You can play unlimited games, for example 3, 5 or 10 games. All at your own discretion.

Each round of the two players/ teams is called a ‘game’.

The winner of the majority of the 3 games wins the set. At a tie eg, each team wins 1 game and 1 game is halved (1.5-1.5), each player of each team can play one more ball until one team has the most points and so the set is decided .

The team that has started in the last game starts second in this tiebreaker and on and on. The ball must be picked up immediately after being played and score taken. The players/teams determine how many sets they play, 3 or 5.

The winner of most sets wins the match.

A 3 setter will take app. 20 minutes and a 5 setter 30 minutes.

X-team starts, then Y-team, then Z-team. In the 1st game each player of each team plays his 3 balls in a row and the score is counted (as above under PLAYERS). Players/teams play at discretion 6 or 12 games. (app. 20- or 40 minutes).

There a six point up for grabs at each game. If someone wins it outright then he/they get 4 points. The second best score gets 2 points and the third zero. If one person/team won the game and the other two halved then it would be 4-1-1. Two players halving and beating the third 3-3-0. All players/teams same score, all get 2 points.

Click here for scoreform


Start at a distance of 3 to 6 meters – at discretion of players- from the outer edge of the Quiccup.
With Quiccup Carambole, 2 teams, with each 2 players, play 1 ball per player. They may use 2 strokes per ball to enter the Quiccup. There are therefore 4 balls in the game. When each player has hit his ball, all players may hit their ball once again from where it came to rest. The ball furthest away from the hole must be played first. When all players have finished, the score of each team is taken and the balls are picked up.
The teams play 4 games. X-team starts, then Y-team and then Y-team and then X-team.

1st game: X-team player 1, Y-team player 1, X-team player 2, Y-team player 2.

2nd game: Y-team player 1, X-team player 1, Y-team player 2, X-team player 2.

3rd game as 2nd game and 4th game as 1st game.


These 4 games are a play. The number of plays are decided by participants. Winner is the team, that won most games. One play takes app. 15 minutes.
At a tie, when after 4 games the score is equal, one player (at choice) of each team may strike one ball once, untill the tiebreak is finished.


If one player caramboles the ball of another team into the cup, that ball gets 30 points penalty. If a player caramboles the ball of his own team member into the cup, the score of that ball doubles, i.e. 60 points.


If you want to develop a play completely to your own imagination, please do so and play it. If you want to organize a ‘knock out competition’ or a ‘laddercompetiton’ please start it.

Formats are available on the internet.



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