The Quiccup is used by:

De Noord-Nederlandse Golf & Country Club
De Semslanden Golfclub
De Drentsche Golf & Country Club
De Golfclub Euregio Bad Bentheim (D)
De Golfclub Varus, Ostercappeln (D)

The Quiccup Home & Garden is used by:

Maarwold, Haren
Cordaan, Amsterdam

Comments of the professionals

Robert Schoonhoven (Noord-Nederland)

  • It is not as easy as it looks, it requires skills
  • Good for practicing purposes
  • Funny for an attacking type of approach and for chipping
  • Nice addition for practicing purposes

Paul Karreman (Noord-Nederland)

  • Good for the youth
  • Increases your positive experience of success
  • Lowers the threshold to golf

Gerrald Komduur (Semslanden)

  • Increases the feeling of being rewarded in general and especially for the youth

Martin Kanninga (Drentsche)

  • Excellent for young golfers and people new to the game
  • A good application on the par-3 course and some 9 holes of the Drentsche 27 hole course

Comments of the Head Greenkeeper Noord-Nederlandse

  • The ideal Winter Cup. Less damage to the greens, less digging of holes
  • Very useful in periods of green aeration. Greens do not have to be closed


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